Seating Risers

Seating Risers


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Seating Risers

Seating Risers provide optimal seating for your audience or performers. These risers elevate guests or performers allowing for unobstructed views. All our risers are built under ADA guidelines making for comfortable and safe risers. There are multiple types of risers choose from such as audience risers, choral and choir risers, or grandstand seating.

Choral Risers and Choir Risers

Choral Risers and Choir Risers are typically used in houses of worships, ballrooms, performance halls, schools, malls, or even outdoor venues such as football or soccer fields. The opposite of audience risers, these types of risers elevate the performers allowing for an audience seated at stage or field level an unobstructed view of each performer. Choral and Choir risers can be built as standalone pieces, can be added to an existing stage, or made an addition to stage thrusts.

Events that might require choral risers are:

  • Concerts (typically for choir concerts)
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Holiday Events
  • Photo Shoots

Audience Risers

Audience risers can be used at many different types of events such as conventions, concerts, parades, and VIP sections at sporting events. This type of risers elevates the audience above the performers providing an unobstructed view of the stage or field. Audience risers can be customized to fit the exact needs of your event. Width, depth, height, and shape are a few of the customizations that can be made to audience risers.

Events that might require audience risers are:

  • Theater Performances (Black Box Theater )
  • Corporate Events
  • Outdoor Parades
  • Sporting Events

How are our risers built?

All our risers are built using 4’X4’ Bil-Jax staging panels. The three-quarter inch plywood tops are supported by steel legs that can be adjusted to your desired heights. Steel cross braces are then added to the legs creating more stability for the staging pieces.

Why should you use us for your risers needs?

Texas Stage Rental has a sister company named Texas Choral Riser Rental that is also owned by our parent company In Depth Events. Since In Depth Events is a full production company, they have the ability to provide all of your event needs from staging, risers, audio, and lighting. Texas Stage Rental is insured, can provide CAD drawings of your risers, and follows ADA guidelines for each build.

For more information about our services pleases visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!