Commencement and Graduation Stages

Commencement and Graduation Stages are key for these types of events. All of our Commencement and Graduation Stages are built under ADA guidelines to ensure the safety of your students, professors, deans, choir, and speakers. These stages can be customized to match your school colors, or have carpet added to them as well.

How are Commencement and Graduation Stages built?

Commencement and Graduation Stages can be built as stand-alone pieces or as an extension of a preexisting stage. Commencement and Graduation stages can also have risers built on top of them for elevated seating generally used for deans, professors, and speakers. Choral or Choir risers can also be built on top of the stage in order to accommodate a choir performing at the ceremony.

Commencement and Graduation Stages can be built indoors or outdoors. Some of the indoor venues we have built Commencement or Graduation Stages for would include gymnasiums and convention centers. Commencement and Graduation Stages can be built on uneven or sensitive surfaces, meaning they can be set up on sporting fields, such as football or baseball fields.

Commencement and Graduation Stages are built with the ability to support a live load, meaning they can support the movement occurring on them. Our stages are built using steel legs, measured to the desired height, and are secured with cross braces. The tops of our stages are 4×4 Bil-Jax staging pieces that can be painted or covered with other materials, such as Astro Turf or commercial grade pile carpet. Both sides of Commencement and Graduation Stages have ADA ramps for safe and easy access to the stage.

Why should you use Commencement and Graduation Stages at your next event?

Commencement and Graduation Stages can be built indoors or outdoors allowing you to choose the location of your ceremony. These stages are built under ADA guidelines, including back rails, to ensure the safety of everyone who will be utilizing them. Steps with hand rails can be added but Commencement and Graduation generally have ADA ramps for easier and safer access to the stage.

Our parent company, In Depth Events, is a full production company which allows us the ability to provide extra services along with our stage rentals. We provide riser, chair, and A/V rentals allowing you to rent from one company that has everything you need to set up your ceremony. Our owners have been implementing the principles of professionalism, timely load-ins and outs, along with the passion for production for over 25+ years.

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