Pool Covers

At Texas Stage Rental, we give pool party a whole new meaning. Sure, swimming and diving is great for the young and those anxious to wash chlorine out of their hair, but dancing and mingling above the pool is the dry, stylish way to enjoy a beautiful swimming pool.

Swimming pool stages are the perfect addition to corporate events, private parties at hotels, weddings, birthday parties and other backyard events.

Make Your Backyard a Conversation Piece

Swimming pool stages immediately give your event a sense of flare. By giving guests a stylish dance floor or simply expanding the area where guests can mingle, your backyard is guaranteed to become a conversation piece.

You also have numerous options and customizations at your disposal. We offer stages in three types of  surfaces:

  • Plywood
  • Frosted Plexiglass
  • Clear Plexiglass

Making the platform semi, or entirely, transparent.

In addition, we offer handrails when needed, and underlighting that can dance to the beat of the DJ.

Do Not Try This At Home

When constructing a swimming pool stage, safety is our number one priority. Constructing swimming pool stages is more than nailing together a few 2”x4”s to some plywood. With the safety and wellbeing of your guests in mind, swimming pool stages must be constructed by trained professionals with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

There are two ways to construct a swimming pool stage:

  • Using legs – This type of swimming pool stage has the floor supported by legs sprouting from the bottom of the floor. This construction method is difficult with pools that have rounded bottoms.
  • Span the pool with aluminum or steel I-beams – This method, used primarily for pools with rounded bottoms, takes longer to construct and is more expensive. However, this is a necessary option for certain pools.

Texas Stage Rental provides exceptional Stage and Rooftop Rental services throughout the Dallas, Austin, and Houston metropolitan areas, and throughout the state of Texas, and guarantees the safest equipment for your live event.