Using the Stageline SL100 Mobile Stage for Your Next Live Event

Welcome to Texas Stage Rental, your go-to source for top-quality stage rental services across the Lone Star State. When it comes to hosting a memorable event, we understand that a stage is more than just a platform—you need an experience that leaves your audience in awe. For events that need a fast setup, and a flexible staging solution, we recommend the Stageline SL100 mobile stage.  This unit is quickly becoming the new standard for smaller live events.  Trust the SL100 to bring a touch of magic to your event with its ease of use, branding capabilities, and audio and lighting integration.  With its versatility and top-notch engineering, this mobile stage is a go-to choice for event professionals and clients alike.

Renting a Stageline SL100 from Texas Stage Rental

At Texas Stage Rental, we offer several staging types for our clients needing concert and festival staging in outdoor environments.  On our website, you can find information about shade rooftops and modular rooftops, in addition to our observation platforms, audience seating, and corporate staging.  However, one of our favorite stages are the SL100s for the ease of use, standard features, and flexibility.  Renting this unit from Texas Stage Rental includes delivery, setup, and strike.  Need audio, lighting, video, or power integration? As a proud member of the In Depth Events family, we can do that too!
When it comes to which events would greatly benefit from the SL100, the possibilities are endless. Imagine using it for:

Make a splash with a memorable entrance for your new grocery store, complete with a stunning stage that captivates the crowd.

Bring the community together with a top-notch stage that sets the scene for unforgettable performances, ensuring everyone has a great time.

Amp up the fun factor with a dynamic stage that turns your neighborhood gathering into an epic event, providing a focal point for entertainment and excitement.

From campus concerts to graduation ceremonies, the SL100 adds a professional touch to any university event, guaranteeing a stage that looks as impressive as the talent performing on it.

The Stageline SL100 - Technical Specifications

The Stageline SL100 is a pretty amazing piece of music festival engineering.  The hydraulic rooftop covers the 24’x20’ stage, which can be extended on both sides as well as the possibility of using a downstage thrust.  The stage can be set up in just a matter of hours, thanks to its hydraulic system and patented roof deployment. With banner packages, integrated fly bars for audio, and rig points for both upstage and downstage lighting truss, the SL100 really is a flexible solution for professionals and newbies alike.  Here’s the high points:

  • Stage Size: 24’x20’
  • Stage Height: Approximately 4’ from ground level
  • Three sided windwalls are available
  • The hydraulic roof can hold over 11,000 pounds of production equipment
  • This unit can be towed with a heavy duty pickup truck

Pros and Cons of Using the Stageline mobile stages

Like everything else in this world, the SL100 has it’s advantages – and disadvantages.  While is it an amazing feat of engineering (you never forget your first setup) there are some situations where another stage type might work better for a specific application.

Stageline mobile stages work well for fast deployment on level ground.  However, they struggle with sensitive surfaces like football fields or baseball diamonds.  They also have a hard time with grounds that have a grade from left to right, or downstage to upstage.

For long term rentals (like a weekend event, or an event that runs for multiple weeks) it makes more financial sense to look at other covered stage options

Finally, mobile stages struggle with areas that have limited access, such as a residential backyard, a parking garage, or an indoor event. 

Finding the Right Stage Rental for Your Event

You can trust the experts at Texas Stage Rental to provide exactly the right type of stage for your next event.  Contact our experts today to steer you in the right direction!