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Round stages have gained immense popularity across various sectors and events. Their ability to create a captivating atmosphere and enhance visual presentations has made them a go-to option for event organizers and planners. At Texas Stage Rental, we offer custom static round stages for corporate events and custom stage builds, as well as motorized turntable stages for theater and automobile display.  Read on to find out more about our round stage rentals.

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Static Round

Rounds and Half-Round Rental Stages

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Motorized Round Turntable Stages

Rental Round Stages and Half Round Stages

At Texas Stage Rental, we understand that stage design is crucial for creating a visually engaging and memorable event. Circular stages, in particular, have become increasingly popular because of their unique focal point and versatile design which can be used in various event types such as corporate events and fundraisers. Renting a round stage or a half-round stage in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio can add a level of excitement to bridal and wedding events as well.

Some of the advantages to using round stages at live events are:


  • Circularity enhances the participant’s viewing experience and engagement.
  • A circular stage is best suited for keynote speakers, panels, and presentations.
  • Offers a sense of inclusion compared to traditional stage designs.
  • Can be the centerpiece of any event displaying brand logos and key messaging.
  • Compliments event lighting, video, and sound design.
  • The modular design allows for customization to fit any event space.
  • Can be combined with other stage types to create diverse stage setups.
  • Affordable rental options are available for both rental round stages and half-round stages.

Rental Round Stages

When it comes to round stages, event planners choose them due to their significant impact on the audience’s experience. Rental round stages, in particular, provide an excellent opportunity to elevate the audience’s experience by placing keynote speakers, panels, or displays into the center of the event. This ensures that the audience’s attention is solely on the event’s main attraction and the experience is inclusive for all attendees. Additionally, rental round stages improve the layout of event design and take visual impact to the next level.

Rental Half-Round Stages

Half-round stages are a perfect hybrid between round stages and traditional stages. They combine the best features of traditional stages, such as backstage accessibility, without sacrificing the full visual impact of a round stage. These half-round stages ensure comfortable viewing for the audience, coupled with the flexibility and design potential of a traditional stage. Half-round stages can be used in different event types, such as product launches, concerts, and awards ceremonies, to name a few. Gallagher Staging offers a wide range of half-round stage rentals that can cater to diverse event needs.

Rental Round Stages Integrated into Other Stage Types

Rental round stages are incredibly versatile. They can be integrated with traditional stages, creating a stage thrust that provides the perfect combination of design and functionality. This design marvel allows keynote speakers to interact with the audience seamlessly; the design enhances the visual appeal of the event and increases the audience seating capacity. Many successful events have used rental round stages integrated with traditional stages such as corporate award dinners, product launches, and fashion shows.

Incorporating rental round stages or half-round stages into your event design can significantly enhance its visual appeal, engagement, and inclusivity. Circular stages are versatile, low maintenance trendsetters that attract the attendee’s focus and create a memorable experience. Texas Stage Rental offers a comprehensive selection of rental options for round stages, our staff provides valuable information on rental round stages and half-round stages. Let us help you make your event a success.

Renting a Motorized Turntable Stage

Motorized turntable stages have revolutionized event setups and performances, providing a dynamic and visually stunning experience. These stages find applications across various industries, including theatrical performances, tradeshows, fundraisers, casinos, and automobile auctions and events. By seamlessly rotating objects or performers, motorized turntable stages enhance the overall presentation and captivate audiences in unique ways. Whether it’s creating scene changes in theater or showcasing products at tradeshows, the versatility of motorized turntable stages is truly remarkable. There are several benefits and applications of motorized turntable stages:


  • Theatrical Performances: Motorized turntable stages offer seamless scene changes, enabling fluid transitions and enhancing the visual storytelling of stage productions.
  • Product Reveal: A turntable is an exciting and interactive way to provide a product launch or reveal.
  • Tradeshows: These stages provide an eye-catching platform to highlight products, attracting attention through rotating displays and creating a memorable impression.
  • Fundraisers: Elevate the presentation of vehicles at fundraisers by utilizing motorized turntable stages, maximizing their visibility and impact for potential donors.
  • Casinos: Motorized turntable stages bring entertainment experiences to life by showcasing grand prizes or performers, creating an immersive atmosphere for visitors.
  • Automobile Auctions and Events: Presenting vehicles on motorized turntable stages allows for a 360-degree view, enabling better visibility and appreciation for potential buyers.

Automobile Turntables for Trade Shows and Casinos:

Using turntable stages for vehicle display has a variety of benefits.  It enhances the vehicle on display by elevating it and offering crowds the ability to see all sides of the vehicle.  At the same time, turntables provide a level of security by keeping the vehicle out of reach of curious attendees.  It’s the perfect “look, but don’t touch” solution for vehicles and other types of product display for tradeshows, dealerships, and casinos.  When utilizing motorized turntable stages for trade shows and casinos, several logistical and safety considerations come into play. These include:

  • Weight Capacity: Ensure that the stage can handle the weight of vehicles, considering both static and dynamic loads.
  • Rotation Speed: Set an appropriate rotation speed to ensure smooth movement without compromising safety or causing discomfort to viewers.
  • Stability: The turntable stage must provide a stable base to support the vehicle’s weight and prevent any wobbling during rotation.

Motorized turntable stages offer a range of benefits and applications, enhancing events in numerous industries. From creating captivating scenes in theater to showcasing products or vehicles, these stages elevate the overall experience for both performers and audiences. To explore more about motorized turntable stages and our services, call our experts at Texas Stage Rental. Take advantage of the versatility and functionality of motorized turntable stages to make your next event truly unforgettable.