Custom Stages

Custom Stages

Custom Stages are customized for your specific event. They can be whatever size, shape, or height you desire. Custom stages can be painted different colors, have different floor materials such as vinyl, carpet, or Marley, or even light up!

How are Custom Stages built?

Custom Stages can be built for any type of stage used in your event. The stages can be built to match any size, shape, or height you desire for your event. Custom Stages can be curved, chevron, or in-the-round. Once the custom layout is designed the stage can then be designed with specific colors, materials such as vinyl, acrylic, Marley, or carpet. Custom stages can also have lights added to make a LED stage or dance floor. Additional levels, risers, or custom furniture can also be added to custom stages.

Custom Stages can be built in any location and on any surface, indoor or outdoor. These stages can be built over and in water, over existing seating, on uneven surfaces, or on sensitive surfaces. Some events that custom stages have been used for in that past include family functions, conventions, product activations, weddings, and corporate events.

Custom stages are built at our in-house wood and metal shops. We first ensure that all steel legs are measured to the desired height and all Bil-Jax staging pieces are the correct shape and color. Once all of the pieces have been built we provide logistics to transport them to the event site. Steel legs are inserted into the custom shaped Bil-Jax staging pieces and them extra stability is added by cross braces. If your staging has a specific material being added to it such as carpet, it is added after the stage is built.

Why should you use a Custom Stage at your next event?

Custom Stages separate your event from all the others. By adding those custom touches you are giving your guests that extra wow factor. Although your stage may be taller than the average, is built on an uneven surface, or built over water, safety is our top priority and we want you to feel confident that all safety requirements are met. Our risers are built under ADA guidelines and can come with engineer stamped documents to ensure that municipal and fire codes are met.

Our owners have been working in the industry for 25+ years and have now created one of the only staging management and full production companies with the capability to create custom staging. They have taught their passionate staff the principles of professionalism and safety. Along with teaching them these principles, our owners work side by side with the employees to ensure that each job is done timely and without error. We would love to show you why we are the best choice for your rental needs.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!