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Step onto a stage that makes your event shine. At Texas Stage Rental, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional stage rental services that elevate your events to new heights.  Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide high-quality stages that embody the essence of your vision. From captivating concerts to show-stopping corporate events and everything in between, our custom rental stages are designed to make a lasting impression. With Texas Stage Rental, you can expect stunning craftsmanship, unwavering reliability, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

Event Services from the Experts at Texas Stage Rental

At Texas Stage Rental, our team of experts understands the power of a stage in creating unforgettable experiences. With years of industry knowledge and a passion for perfection, we offer a comprehensive range of services to bring your event to life. From custom-designed rental stages that mirror your unique brand to specialized concert stage rentals that deliver unmatched audiovisual impact, our team is here to make your vision a reality. Our dedicated professionals will work closely with you, bringing their expertise to every stage of the process, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional results. 

We provide an extensive list of staging rental services for our clients in Texas and across the United States.  These include ADA ramps and stages for commencement and graduation events, as well as custom stage rentals for corporate events.  You’ll find our crews building turntable stages to display cars on stage, and we are one of the few vendors that provide lighted stage rentals.  We’ve pioneered the use of staging for swimming pool covers in both residential and hotel environments for private events, and our concert stage rentals include everything from indoor stage rentals to major load bearing roof structures.  

You’ll also find us at major sporting events and stadium venues.  Our audience seating risers make sure everyone has the best seat in the hose, and our observation platforms, large format seating, and tent flooring provide comfort and sophistication to sporting events, concert events, and other types of VIP seating risers.  


Types of Live Event Venues We Work In

Here at Texas Stage Rental, we take pride in our ability to work in a wide range of venues, creating unforgettable stages that leave audiences in awe. While our main stomping grounds are in bustling cities like Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, we aren’t bound by borders. Our stage expertise extends far beyond the Lone Star State, reaching iconic destinations across the United States like the vibrant streets of New York, the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, and the sunny beaches of Miami.

We’re not only masters of adaptability but also experts in understanding the unique characteristics of each venue we encounter. From cozy club settings that ignite intimacy to sprawling stadiums that command grandeur, we know how to transform any space into a captivating stage that surpasses your expectations. Whether you’re hosting a concert, corporate gathering, or even a one-of-a-kind event, our stages seamlessly blend with the ambiance of the venue, creating an immersive experience that will have your audience talking long after the final curtain call.

Our adaptable stages are like chameleons, effortlessly fitting into any environment and elevating the atmosphere to new heights. When you choose Texas Stage Rental, you can trust that we’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that our stage perfectly complements the essence of your event. From the moment your audience steps into the venue, they’ll be transported to a world of creativity, innovation, and sheer awe. Let us bring your event to life with our expertise in venue versatility and custom stage craftsmanship.

ADA Ramps, CAD Designs, and the Safety of Our Stage Rentals

At Texas Stage Rental, safety takes center stage. We prioritize the well-being of our clients and their guests, ensuring that every stage rental is secure and reliable. Our stages undergo rigorous inspections and are constructed with premium materials, providing stability and peace of mind. Our team of certified professionals follows industry-leading safety protocols during installation and dismantling, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.

For our more complex stage rentals and audience risers, we begin with CAD drawings.  With CAD, we provide you with a clear visualization of the stage setup, seating arrangements, and other vital elements. This enables you to make informed decisions and ensures that your audience will have an exceptional experience.  Our CAD drawings are drawn with safety in mind, which includes the proper installation of handrails and safety rails for elevated platforms. These measures not only prevent accidents but also offer stability and support for your guests, providing them with a worry-free experience. 

ADA ramps are the key to accessibility in stage rentals, allowing individuals of all abilities to participate and enjoy events effortlessly. We ensure that our stage rentals incorporate ADA ramps to our stage rentals to meet legal obligations and foster inclusivity for everyone.  Our expert team considers various factors to create ADA ramps that seamlessly integrate into our stage designs. From slope and width to handrails, we meticulously craft our stage setups to ensure optimal accessibility, convenience, and utmost safety for everyone.

SL100 Mobile Stage

For events that need a fast setup, and a flexible staging solution, we recommend the Stageline SL100 mobile stage. This unit is quickly becoming the new standard for smaller live events.

Outdoor Festival Stage Rentals: Estimating Size and Type for Municipal Festivals, Music Festivals and Corporate Parties

Organizing an outdoor festival or corporate party is an exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) endeavor. However, one crucial aspect that can make or break your live event is selecting the right stage. At Texas Stage Rental, we understand the importance of a reliable and high-quality stage for your outdoor festivals, concerts, cookoffs, and other types of corporate and private gatherings.

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The Five W’s to custom rental and installation stages

Way back in my college days, my professors used to tell me that to get the complete story on any subject, you have to answer five questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. At Texas Stage Rental, we know that each stage is unique and every client is a story in itself! So, in a nod to my college professors, I give you the 5 W’s of custom stage building!

Acrylic Stage Rentals in Dallas, Houston, and Austin from Texas Stage Rental

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