The logistics of putting a car on a stage

Putting cars on a stage can be tricky.  Some of the obvious questions are simple – “How do you get it up there?” and “How do you know the stage will hold the weight of a vehicle?” Answering these questions usually involves more questions, such as “How tall is the stage?”, and “How heavy is the car?”  It seems like common sense but putting cars on stage is something you really want to have someone you trust and with a lot of experience doing.

Square stages, custom stages, other static options for automobile display

A static stage is simply a stage that doesn’t move.  These stages can be a custom shape, a custom color, or a custom size.  The surface of the stage can be carpeted or painted.  They can even be built over water!  The common goal of a static rental stage is to hold the automobile, motorcycle, or other vehicle safely for display to an audience at a live event.  This can be at an auto show, trade show, or even a state fair.

Rental turntable stages for automobile display

A turntable stage is a round stage that can hold a car, and literally turns from a motor under the stage. {link to turntable stages} These are great ways to display an automobile at a live event, and are seen mainly at car shows displaying a high value car, or a concept automobile.  Not only do they elevate the car for display, but they also discourage people from climbing up and touching the car – creating a “look but don’t touch” environment. 

Other needs for a vehicle on stage

Over the years, the experts at In Depth Events have provided load bearing stages for all types of vehicle displays.  We have worked with video and commercial shoots to provide elevated platforms for a variety of vehicles.  We have done the same thing in reverse by providing elevated platforms for people to see large equipment like boats or generators in a controlled environment.  In any case, we can help your team or marketers to allow your audiences to see your product in a way that provides the best view possible to event attendees.

Trust our experts with your vehicle on stage needs. 

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