The 70’x50’ stage and roof system is the largest available rental festival stage in the South!

At Texas Stage Rental, we are continually investing in our fleet of stage and roof systems. We’re proud to announce the launch of our largest rental festival stage – the PE7050. This 70’x50’ rental stage and roof system is the largest available rental stage and roof system in the southern United States.

This monster festival stage made its debut at the 2015 Wakarusa Festival – a four day music extravaganza in Ozark, Arkansas. With acts as diverse as Major Lazer, Slightly Stoopid, and Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, our flagship made a huge impression on attendees and bands performing at the event. The roof system boasts 5000 square feet of covered performance space – and, because it’s a modular system, and not a mobile one, we were able to customize dock areas, ramps, monitor worlds, guitar worlds, and wings for multiple uses.

Wakarusa needed more than just a square rooftop. Our engineers were able to add on 20’x20’ box wings on stage left and rights, AND 20’ flat bays on stage left and right – for a staggering 150 linear feet of downstage trussing.

Specifications of our 70’x50’ motor driven festival stage and roof system

Our 70’x50’ modular festival stage and roof system is an engineered structure, with drawings available for festival organizers for insurance and inspection purposes. Constructed entirely of aluminum, this festival roof system is capable of holding several tons of weight for PA and lighting hangs. Each internal ribbing point is rated at 500 pounds, and each perimeter point is rated at 1500 pounds. Spanning trusses are available, as well as rigging I-beams for PA hangs. This unit will hold LED video walls on flybays or at the upstge truss line.

This unit is also uniquely suited to hold banners and signage. Because our modular wings and flybay sizes are more flexible than a mobile stage bays are, we can rig virtually any size banner on our rental stage and roof system. Your imagination is the only barrier to what we can accomplish! In addition to having an incredibly flexible rooftop, we use the most flexible staging system on the planet – Bil-jax 4’x4’ staging panels. The combination of Bil-jax and our festival rooftop systems are unbeatable for flexibility on any surface or grade you need to put your show on.

Are you ready to bring your festival to the next level? Contact our experts and let us know how we can best help you. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!