What is an Acrylic Stage, and how are they used in rental applications?

At Texas Stage Rental, we’ve been providing acrylic stages for years.  You’ll know them better as our LED Dance Floors and Pool Covers.  Acrylic Stage rentals are generally used when you want the the stage, runway, or pool cover to be lit from within.  By using low heat LED lighting fixtures, a variety of saturated lighting effects can be created to add excitement to your next private gathering, fashion event, or sporting event.

Acrylic stage rentals generally come with two options for the acrylic surface:  clear acrylic or frosted acrylic.

Clear acrylic is exactly what is sounds like – a clear sheet of acrylic, usually 3/4″ thick, cut to match the staging frame that is used for supporting the stage, runway, or pool cover.  Clear acrylic allows the attendee or guest to look down into the stage surface.  This can be used in pool covers to look down into the bottom of the pool, or for stages for product display (such as automobiles).  Using a clear surface allows for some very dramatic lighting effects.

Frosted acrylic is clear acrylic that has been sandblasted on one side.  This allows for the same structural stability; however, it also creates one very serious advantage over clear acrylic.  Because one side is sandblasted, frosted acrylic is far less slippery for people to walk on, especially if a drink is spilled or water is present on the surface of the stage.  Additionally, frosted acrylic still allows for light transmission, but it’s far more diffuse that clear acrylic – which creates some very unusual lighting effects as well!

Finding the right vendor for Acrylic Stage Rentals

Acrylic stages are truly stunning – and just as structurally sound as a normal stage when set up properly.  The trick is to find a vendor with experience in setting up, manufacturing, and renting acrylic stages for special events.

As you can image, acrylic stages require a company with very specific experience.  We’ve been working with acrylics for several years, pioneering our LED Dance Floors for use across the nation for both rental and installation applications, as well as our amazing work with clear and frosted pool covers.  In addition to these rental services, we’ve set up acrylic stages for automobile display, tradeshow floors, and fashion runways.  We can also provide permanent installation services for our acrylic surfaces.

We hope you will contact the experts at Texas Stage Rental for your acrylic stage rental needs.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!