Way back in my college days, my professors used to tell me that to get the complete story on any subject, you have to answer five questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. At Texas Stage Rental, we know that each stage is unique and every client is a story in itself! So, in a nod to my college professors, I give you the 5 W’s of custom stage building!


Custom Two Story Stage
Two Story Stage For Heineken

Well, that’s the most obvious one – The answer is: You! Our clients need custom stages for a variety of applications. We’ve provided permanently installed stages for churches looking to update their sanctuary, and temporary stages for company presentations. Private events love our custom pool covers, and our turntable stages have been used for everything from band reveals to automotive displays.


Miller Lite @ SXSW 2015
VIP Concert Lounge For Miller Lite

What is a custom stage? With our in-house wood and metals shop, it can be anything you can imagine! We start with a 4’x4’ steel frame. Our welders can make different shapes, and our carpenters can make custom stage plugs and frame inserts using wood or acrylic. Our installers can provide multilevel stages, or custom surfaces such as Marley, carpeting, or premanufactured wood flooring as a stage top. We even provide lighted stages for our clients. What your custom stage will look like is only limited by your imagination!


Stage Being Built Over a Pool on a Cruise Ship
Stage over a pool on a Cruise Ship? Sure!

Where can we build our custom stages? Indoors, we’ve provided our staging in hotel ballrooms, exhibit halls, casinos, universities, and even car dealerships. Outside, a parking lot or a field is all we need to build a huge stage and rooftop, but we’ve also built on football fields, soccer fields, and of course, in swimming pools. Geographically, we work all over the continental United States.


Equipment Ramp @ Dr. Pepper Ballpark Frisco, TX
Custom Outdoor Build In January

When do you need us? Our professionals work day or night to finish your installation on time and in budget. Holidays, weekends, and weekdays are all part of our work schedule!


Custom Design Touring Stage for Blacklight Run
Custom Touring Stage for Blacklight Run

Why do we build custom stages for our clients? The answer is that we’re really, really good at it, and you always love what you are good at! We love working with our clients to provide cutting edge stage designs that amaze their guests and attendees.