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Texas Stage Rental is recognized as a leader in concert stage rentals and is the go-to provider for staging services for live concert and festival events in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio – as well as other marketing like Tulsa and Oklahoma City. From building stages on sensitive surfaces like football fields or basketball courts to large-scale rental concert stages with load-bearing rooftops for orchestral stages,  Texas Stage Rental has provided our stages for all types of concert staging and festival staging rentals.  You’ll find that our expertise in creating custom structures puts us in a league of our own!

Looking for the entire production package?  In Depth Events, our parent company, offers full production services including audio, lighting, video, and power rentals for all types of events.  Visit our parent website at, or feel free to ask us a question.

Indoor Concert Stages

Stage Rentals for Indoor Events

Shade Roof

Light Duty Outdoor Covered Stages

Load Bearing Roof

Large Scale Concert Rooftops

Mobile Stages

Easy to Use Mobile Stage Rentals

Concert Stage Rentals for Indoor Events

Indoor concerts held in venues such as hotel ballrooms, indoor event centers, or indoor sporting facilities require the right staging rentals to create a dynamic and captivating stage environment. Whether you’re organizing a music concert, a theatrical performance, or a corporate event, the choice of staging can significantly impact the success of your event. Texas Stage Rental is a trusted source for staging rentals that cater to the specific needs of indoor concert events in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Let’s delve into the key aspects of staging rentals for indoor concerts.

  • Versatile Stage Design: Indoor concert venues often have spatial limitations, and it’s crucial to choose a stage that offers flexibility and adaptability. The Bil-Jax 4’x4′ stage, available through Texas Stage Rental, is a modular staging system that allows you to configure the stage in various sizes and shapes to suit the venue’s constraints.
  • Multi-level Stage Rentals: Our teams have years of experience setting up multi-level indoor stages. These different stage elevations can be used as design aspects, for performance spaces, for choir riser seating, or to ground support LED video walls.
  • Safety and ADA Compliance: Ensuring the safety of performers and attendees is paramount in any event. The Bil-Jax 4’x4′ stage meets industry safety standards and is designed with features like guardrails, non-slip surfaces, and sturdy construction to prevent accidents. It also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring accessibility for all individuals.
  • Production Timelines:  Choosing a reputable vendor means choosing a vendor that wil make sure to be on time for load in and strike.  At Texas Stage Rental, we hit our production timelines, days, nights, and weekends.
  • Professional Guidance: Partnering with reputable staging rental companies like Texas Stage Rental provides the advantage of their industry expertise. Our experienced teams can offer guidance on stage configurations, logistics, and safety measures, ensuring a smooth and successful indoor concert event.

Safety and Staging Rentals

Safety is a top priority when it comes to staging rentals for indoor concert events. The Bil-Jax 4’x4′ stage, offered by Texas Stage Rental, places a strong emphasis on safety. This modular staging system is built with the highest standards of quality to ensure stability and reliability. With its ADA compliance and attention to safety details, the Bil-Jax 4’x4′ stage provides a secure platform for performers and guarantees the well-being of everyone involved in the indoor concert event.

When planning your next indoor concert event, rely on the expertise of Texas Stage Rental for all your staging rental needs.  Their professional teams will guide you through selecting the ideal stage for your indoor concert, ensuring an exceptional experience for performers and attendees. Contact them today to elevate your indoor concert to new heights.

Outdoor Shade Rooftops for Concerts

A rental outdoor shade rooftop is a great solution for churches, municipalities, and corporations looking to throw an outdoor concert on a budget. These structures, also called non-load bearing rooftops, are perfect stages for smaller outdoor festivals, high school commencements, concerts, grand openings, and even political eventsin Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  These light duty stage and rooftop structures can only hold a small amount of lighting or banners, so they can’t be used for larger concerts, but they are perfect covered stages for smaller events.

Shade rooftops are extremely flexible and can be set up on a variety of terrains, including sensitive surfaces like football fields or soccer fields. They also work great on concrete, asphalt, or just normal grass.  The roof skin of a shade roof is made of a breathable fabric. It’s perfect for shading the talent on your stage and providing light rain protection.

Shade rooftops can be used in indoor environments to hold banners, but typically they are used outside.  Depending on size, they take about 6 hours to setup and about 4 hours to take down.  These are great systems that are used where a mobile stage can’t go because of access or terrain concerns.  These rooftops can be custom made to fit a specific application, but they do have three standard sizes.

20×16 shade rooftop and stage

Our smallest shade rooftop is used for a variety of outdoor live event rentals.  This covered stage works well for small bands, as presentation stage for awards, or a stage for a DJ.  It’s perfect for banners for branding and will hold some lighting for live events at dusk or after dark.  This is a cost-effective stage that provides a great focus of attention at smaller municipal and church festivals.

32×24 shade rooftop and stage

The 32’x24’ covered outdoor rooftop is a great solution for larger bands and can also support room for an MC downstage center.  This covered shade roof and stage system works well for high school commencements, mid-size festivals and concerts, and house of worship events.  It can hold limited lighting and banner packages to make sure your performers and your brand is seen and heard.  This outdoor stage is also seen at municipal festivals and other outdoor concert events.

40’x24’ shade rooftop and stage

The 40’x24’ is the largest shade rooftop we offer.  It’s used most commonly as an outdoor rental stage for municipal festivals, as well as a covered stage for commencements.  The wider stage layout works well in commencement applications.  This covered stage, like all our shade rooftops, provides sun and light rain protection for your talent, as well as a great space for banner placement and stage lighting.

Would you like more information on our rental shade rooftops for your festival, commencement, or corporate event?  Ask us a question and we will get back with you ASAP!

Load Bearing Covered Stages

Load bearing covered stage rentals are the perfect solution for hosting outdoor events that require a sturdy and versatile structure. These rentals provide a safe and reliable platform for concerts, festivals, and other large-scale productions.  Concert roof structures are designed to withstand heavy loads and adverse weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor events of any scale. They can also be used in indoor environments where rigging from the ceiling of the venue is not an option.  These structures can also be called climbing roof structures.

Whether you need a stage rental for a corporate event or a music festival, load bearing covered stage rentals offer a reliable and professional solution.  Texas Stage Rental provides these sizes for these types of festival and concert stage structures:

32’x24’ concert rooftop and stage

The 32’x24’ load bearing concert structure is the smallest load bearing structure available.  This cute little guy is used in venues where space is a constraint.  It’s perfect for holding a five to six piece band, along with lighting and banner packages.  This rental stage and rooftop is most often seen at collegiate parties and events.

40×32 concert rooftop and stage

This concert stage system is one of most popular as it works well on sensitive surfaces and on venues where limited space is an issue.  This stage size does support flybays for array hangs, and it can hold robust listing systems and banner hangs.  Larger municipal festivals use this structure, as well as larger collegiate festivals, concerts, and  collegiate commencement events.

40×40 concert roof and stage

The 40’x40’ load bearing rooftop and stage is the most common size for large municipal festivals and events.  The square stage allows for large bands while still leaving plenty of room downstage for MC, announcers, awards presentations, and dignitaries.  This rooftop can be configured with flybays for audio or video walls.  This is a perfect stage and structure for outdoor festivals and concerts.

60’x40’ concert roof and stage

There’s always the biggest guy in the room, and this is the one!  The rental 60’x40’ rooftop is used for the largest concerts, outdoor music festivals, and commencements.  Our 60’x40’ structure can hold full concert lighting rigs for national acts, as well as line array, banner packages, and video walls.  Custom colored roof skins are available as well.  Most clients with this stage and rooftop rental also request custom loading docks and other extended stage spaces, and we are happy to accommodate those requests.

Need more information on concert stage rentals?  Ask us a question, or pick up the phone and give our technicians a call.  Our concert stages have been on every type of venue flooring – we want to be at your venue as well!

Mobile Stage Rentals

Mobile stages are the quickest and easiest way to setup an outdoor festival or concert.  Stageline is the leading manufacturer of mobile stages, and the most common sizes for the Stageline mobile stage rentals are the SL100, the SL 250/260, and the SL320.  Mobile stages are great because they can be pulled in place by a heavy duty pickup or semi, and deployed in a very short amount of time.  They are an integrated stage and hydraulic cover structure.  Stageline mobile stages offer a variety of stage configurations, production configurations, and banner packages.

Mobile stages are engineered structures that can handle high wind ratings.  They can also be used in indoor environments where rigging is a concern.  Their limitations can include sensitive surfaces and rough terrain.   Below, find a list of rental Stageline mobile stages that Texas Stage Rental can bring to your next festival or outdoor event in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio!

The Stageline SL100 mobile stage

The SL100 is the most common outdoor rental stage used in the United States.  It’s design allows for both ground stacking or flying PA, and it can hold a limited amount of lighting.  The stage space on an SL100 is 24’x20’, and under the right circumstances, can be production ready in under two hours.  This stage is seen in a variety of event types, from small municipal festivals and concerts to grand openings and church festivals. 

The Stageline SL250/260

This mobile stage is actually two different stage models, the SL250 or the SL260.  Both have the same floor space of 32’x24’.  These models are used for mid-sized concerts and festivals where time is a factor. This mobile stage has a robust weight capability for hanging banners, lighting, and line array.  This rental mobile stage is really the workhorse of the live events industry, and it’s a common site and larger festivals and outdoor concert stages

The Stageline SL320

The rental SL320 is truly an inspired piece of production equipment.  This rental mobile stage has an impressive 40’x40’ of covered floor space, and can hang lighting and audio for national acts.  It’s seen at some of the largest festivals and concerts, and it’s ability to handle additional needs such as stage thrusts, loading docks, and other custom configurations is well-known.

Ready to get your mobile stage rental?  Contact our experts and let us know where and when.  We will be there to cover the needs of your talent and attendees!