Colored Stages

When you want your stage to be a highlight of your live event instead of vanishing into the background, Colored Stages, which offer flare and continuity to any event, might do the trick.

Colored Stages come in any color and skirting you want. Whether you’re putting on a high school graduation and want the stage to match the school’s colors, or your event’s color scheme is sea-foam green; you tell us the color, and we’ll deliver the stage according to your specifications.

In addition, Colored Stages come in any dimension you want. Height, width, length, nothing is too big or too small.

How Are Colored Stages Built?

We overlay the top of Colored Stages with plywood and paint the top the color of your choice, not the stage itself.

The sides can be a hard skirt that we’ve painted, or fabric that we’ve color matched. This form of construction allows endless options for customization and guarantees the safety of your performers.

When Would I Need a Colored Stage?

Because Colored Stages add flare to an event via color coordination, adding a sense of continuity to an event, and work well with floral, flags and lighting, Colored Stages are very popular among event planners.

Colored Stages are great for the following events:

Corporate Events
Family Events
Fashion Events

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