Mobile Stages

Mobile Stages allow for quick, easy, and safe stage set ups. These types of stages are ideal for anyone who has a venue that allows little time for set up and load out. Mobile stages require very little labor because they have hydraulic features that do most of the stage set up by itself. Mobile stages when used in the proper application, can help save up to 90% in labor costs and set up time.

What are the different Mobile Stage options?

There are multiple different Mobile Stage options to best fit your needs. Some of these include:

  • MAP 24 – 24’ X 16’
  • SL 100 – 24’ X 20’
  • SL250 – 32’ X 24’
  • SL260 – 32’X 24’ (newest version of SL250)
  • SL320 – 40’ X 40’
  • SAM 555 – 50’ X 38’

What are the benefits of using a Mobile Stage?

Mobile stages allow for fast set up and load outs. This makes them perfect for those venues that give a small amount of set up time or want you moved out quickly after your event. These stages take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to set up from start to finish.

Mobile stages have hydraulic features that allow the stage to do most of the set-up work itself. Labor costs for mobile stages are cut down greatly due to this. Mobile Stages can be set up by 2 – 4 stagehands instead of an entire crew. Mobile Stages come preassembled the only labor needed for these stages is the installation of banners, screen, scenery and sound, lighting, and equipment.

Since Mobile Stages come preassembled and are set up by hydraulically operated equipment, they are a very safe option for those setting them up and utilizing them. These stages have mechanical locking systems and additional safety valves to ensure that the stages do not fall. All extra installations to the stage are done at stage level to make set up safer.

How are Mobile Stages transported?

Mobile Stages all have extra interior space to hold all stage components. This allows for the stage and all extra equipment to be hauled by a single truck. The smaller stages can be hauled by a pickup truck while the larger stages are transported by semi-trucks. Since the stages are set up by hydraulic features there is no need for cranes or lifts.

Why should you use a Mobile Stage for your next event?

Mobile Stages are a great way to quickly, efficiently, and safely set up a stage. With different size options and easy transportation, Mobile Stages can be the best option for some of your events. Mobile Stages are a great addition to any event and can customized with banners and lighting.

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