Rooftop Rentals

If your outdoor event requires a stage of any size, a Rooftop Rental is a necessity. With Texas weather being sporadic, often times shifting dramatically from hot and sunny to rainy, it’s best to protect your performers from any dangers. The sun striking and detuning a guitar can make for an unpleasant performance, and a small puddle caused by the rain can make for an unfortunate accident. Rooftops can stop such catastrophes from ever occurring.

What is a Rooftop?

A Rooftop, as its name suggests, is a structure that covers the stage. Rooftops give shade, protection from the elements, as well as a structure to hang lighting, PA systems, signs and other set decorations.

Whether you’re putting on an outdoor church event or a large music festival, Rooftop Rentals will ensure the safety and majesty of any event.

What kind of Rooftop do I need?

The kind of Rooftop you need depends on your event. Is it a large event with over 5,000 spectators? Does your event require a large PA and lighting system?

There are two types of Rooftops you can rent for outdoor events, a Load Bearing Rooftop and a Non Load Bearing Rooftop, and your answers to the above questions will determine what kind of Rooftop your event requires.

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Load Bearing Rooftop Rentals

Load Bearing Rooftops are large Rooftops that can handle significant amounts of weight, like large lighting rigs and PA systems.

You would use this type of Rooftop if your live event:

Is attended by 5,000 or more people
Will utilize a large lighting rig and a hanging PA system

Non Load Bearing Rooftop Rentals

Non Load Bearing Rooftops (also called ‘shade roofs’) are smaller structures that provide shade but do not hold much weight.

You would use this type of Rooftop if your live event:

Is attended by less than 5,000 people
Will not utilize a large lighting rig or a hanging PA system

Texas Stage Rental provides exceptional Stage and Rooftop Rental services throughout the Dallas, Austin, and Houston metropolitan areas, and throughout the state of Texas, and guarantees the safest equipment for your live event.