Corporate Events

Corporate Events are attended by hundreds of thousands of people every year. These types of events are the most efficient way to get a company message out to employees, shareholders, and the media. The most successful Corporate Events are talked about for years after they occur.

However, a Corporate event is more than someone taking the stage to show off a new product. A lot of thought, preparation, creative brainstorming, and manpower goes into putting on each successful corporate event. At Texas Stage Rental, we provide Custom Staging that is sure to make your Corporate Event unique and one to be remembered.

What Do I Need To Host a Successful Corporate Event?

Oftentimes, Corporate Events take place in hotel ballrooms and other establishments that provide some production equipment. However, at Texas Stage Rental, we go the extra mile and provide countless options and customizations that will make your corporate event a success.

There are two types of corporate events:

A corporate event with a corporate presenter

Want to present a new product to stakeholders and employees, or get a new corporate-wide message out to the media? A corporate event a streamlined, surefire way to get eyes and ears on what you have to say.

These events often include:

  • Backdrops
    • Normal, colored backdrops
    • Infiniti backdrop, where there is no delineation between the back wall and the stage itself
    • Chroma key backdrops (aka Green Screens) used specifically for video
  • Modular Stages
  • Colored Stages
  • Stage Thrusts
  • LED Stages
  • Lighting

A corporate event with a live music act

These types of events require staging more suitable for largeĀ concerts, including large lighting rigs and:

These events often include:

  • Modular Stages
  • Load Bearing Rooftops
  • Audience Risers
  • Lighting

While other companies may be able to provide these things for your event, Texas Stage Rental wants to help you customize your event to make it unique. One of the things we enjoy doing most is Custom Stages. Since we have our own in-house wood and metal shops, we can customize stages in ways that other staging companies cannot.

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