Rolling Stages

Need a stage on wheels? Well, at Texas Stage Rental, we have just the thing for you. Rolling stages, often used for video shoots, theatrical performances, and sporting events, are necessary for large props, quick drum changes, and more.

It may seem like nothing more than a stage on wheels, but rolling stages are tricky in the hands of an inexperienced staging company. Our rolling stages are constructed with the utmost precision and diligence, and we guarantee the safety of all who use them.

When Would I Need a Rolling Stage Rental, and What Kind Does My Event Require?

At Texas Stage Rental, we customize your rolling stage to meet your event’s needs. Rolling stages, which are just as load bearing as a normal stage, rated for 150 lbs. per square foot, can be built at any size and elevation you desire. In addition, our rolling stages come in two different types of wheels:

  • Pneumatic – a softer tire that is typically used at sporting events to prevent damage to the field.
  • Scaffolding – a harder tire that is great for harder, less impactful surfaces.

Whether you just need some elevation for a video shoot, need a rolling stage for large prop changes during a theater show, or need a quick drum kit change for a live act, there are countless ways to utilize a rolling stage.

Some events that might require a rolling stage include:

  • Theater productions
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • Corporate Events

In addition, we’re happy to provide CAD drawings and stamped engineer certificates for even your most demanding staging needs.

Texas Stage Rental provides exceptional Stage and Rooftop Rental services throughout the Dallas, Austin, and Houston metropolitan areas, and throughout the state of Texas, and guarantees the safest equipment for your live event.

For any quotes, questions or concerns, please visit our contact page here.