Sporting Events

You need more than just two teams and a ball to put on a great sporting event. Much like what it takes to be a winning team, sporting events require superior equipment, attention to detail, and a great game plan to be successful. At Texas Stage Rental, we will provide all of the necessary equipment, the manpower to assemble the equipment, and a willingness to accommodate all of your sporting event needs.

What Do I Need To Put On a Great Sporting Event?

Sporting events almost always require audience risers or grandstands, which will give your audience a suitable perspective. We provide audience risers and grandstands of all sizes that are constructed to meet all safety codes and requirements.

In addition, your event may require a subfloor to build a basketball court or a tennis court, or a podium to elevate the performers or athletes above the seating level.

What you may need to put on a successful sporting event includes:

  • Audience risers or grandstands
  • Podiums for athletes
  • Subfloors
  • VIP Risers, which gives cover and seating
  • Outdoor stages and rooftops for sponsored live music events

Regardless of what you might need or where you’ll need it, we can provide it and build it. Varying surfaces and varying locale are all things that we like to tackle.

We Have a Long and Successful History with Sporting Events

At Texas Stage Rental, we’ve provided and constructed staging, grand stands and audience risers at sporting events for many, many years.

We have a long history putting on gymnastics events, including the Metroplex Challengeeach of the past seven years. In addition, we can assist you with hosting:

  • Golf tournaments
  • Air shows
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Basketball games, soccer games, football games, etc.

Just let us know when, where and what you plan, and we’ll provide you with all the tools necessary to make your event a success.

Texas Stage Rental provides exceptional Stage and Rooftop Rental services throughout the Dallas, Austin, and Houston metropolitan areas, and throughout the state of Texas, and guarantees the safest equipment for your live event.