Do you need to rent a stage in the Dallas area?  Contact the experts at Texas Stage Rental, and watch us build your stage to your exact specifications.  Indoors or outdoors, our stages provide a level of safety and security that other companies can’t match!

We’re based in the Dallas area, and have been providing stages throughout the Dallas / Ft Worth metroplex for over seven years.  Indoors, we provide stages for corporate events, concerts, private parties, and family events.  Outdoors, our stages are used for sporting events, press events, and of course, concerts and festivals.

For most outdoor stages, you’ll also need a rooftop.  Look no further!  We own and operate both shade rooftops, and load bearing rooftop structures for concerts and festivals.  We can build our stages on any surface, on any grade, and for any occasion!

Safety is the biggest concern our clients have, and we’re pleased to say that we have never had a staging or rigging failure on our watch.  In Dallas, and nationwide, our experts put the safety of your attendees and talent before all other considerations.

Convinced?  Then give us a call to rent a stage in Dallas at our toll free number 844-841-4202, or use our handy form to ask us a question.  We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you!