Looking for a stage to rent in the City of Dallas?  It’s important to consider the best vendor possible.  While price is definitely a deciding factor, you need to look for an experienced, registered contractor to complete your staging needs.

The City of Dallas, along with most other major markets, is beginning the process of making sure that all temporary structures are permitted and inspected by City inspectors.  This is a direct result of the recent stage failures in Indianapolis, Miami, and Canada.  Municipalities want to ensure that live events are safe for their residents.

At Texas Stage Rental (www.texasstagerental.com), our parent company In Depth Events is a registered City of Dallas Building Contractor.  We’ve handled the permitting for several temporary stage rentals in Dallas, as well as other cities.  If you need a rooftop as well, then we have a network of certified engineers we work with.

Our goal is a trouble free experience for our clients requiring Dallas stage rentals.  It’s part of our service to you to get the documentation you need for a flawless event.

Contact us today at 844-841-4202, and see how our experts work for you!