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Displaying Automobiles: Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles on a rental stage for Live Events

The logistics of putting a car on a stage Putting cars on a stage can be tricky.  Some of the obvious questions are simple – “How do you get it up there?” and “How do you know the stage will hold the weight of a vehicle?” Answering these questions usually involves more questions, such as “How tall is the stage?”, and “How heavy is the car?”  It seems like common sense but putting cars on …

The Five W’s to custom rental and installation stages

Way back in my college days, my professors used to tell me that to get the complete story on any subject, you have to answer five questions: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. At Texas Stage Rental, we know that each stage is unique and every client is a story in itself! So, in a nod to my college professors, I give you the 5 W’s of custom stage building!